Monday, April 25, 2011

ETC Voices Podcast 015

KMO talks with two ETC permaculture apprentices about how their desire to live close to the land has created a rift between them and their families. Later, Jason Deptula, a wizard in hippie's clothing, describes how his normally harmonious interactions with the muggles of rural Tennessee sometimes takes an odd turn.

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  1. Thanks for the podcast, KMO! I enjoyed the interview with Charlie and Jasmine. I've thought for several years now, how the knowledge and know-how of many self sufficient skills is itself a currency. I look forward, always, to hearing Jason's views. Thought I'd share a quote I came across in 2008. I've written it on a piece of paper, and carry it with me. It deals with change. "He was a person who, if he did not exactly love change, had learned to welcome it, to stand in the shifting winds with a continuous alert curiousity about whatever might come next. I think this is the secret...of a different sort of youthfulness."-Mark Doty I read this often, and remind myself to let change flow over me, like a rock in a stream. It's like my center of being is watching, always, what's passing me by, just knowing that the flow will continue, and that I have a choice to react or not, and a choice in choosing my reaction. So far, this small island deep inside myself has been a very nice vantage point!