Monday, April 26, 2010

ETC Voices Podcast 002

KMO talks with Ecovillage Training Center staff and visitors about the Ecosoaker program whereby people can participate in the Permaculture Apprenticeship without a two month commitment. Site manager, Jason Deptula talks about advances in battery technology and about much deeper topics, and Apprentice Garrison calls out for a contact in Ashville, NC.


  1. Haven't heard the podcast yet, so I don't know Garrison's specific needs for contacts. But he can contact Joe Hollis of Mountain Garden Herbs, one of the western worlds best growers of Chinese medicinals, in Burnsville, NC, about an hour's drive from Asheveille

    Also, the Earthhaven ecovillage is in that general area- he should look them up. These two contacts should lead to several others in the NC mountains. Godspeed Garrison, Asheville is as close to heavan as you can get, except in winter.

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